Material : Double layered. 42 microns Pet ( 12 micron )+ Polythene ( 30 micron )

Key Features:
Dual Purpose Storage and Freezer Bag
Slider closure seal
Wide bottom & Extra Spacious & Stronger holding capacity Retains Freshness Longer
Microwave Safe  &  Prevents Aroma Transfer
Re - Usable
Convenient to Use and Carry
Convenient Label Provided on the storage bag
Made from food-grade material
Usage :
Storing Cooked and Uncooked Food Items (Even Left Over's)
Vegetables and Fruits
Storing any other Household Material
Carry Your Tiffin to Offices
Handy to keep Your Clothes
Travel Kit
Packing Size : 3sizes of 10 pouches with slider / Box

Pouch Sizes : Small : 21.3cm X 18cm Medium: 26cmX28cm




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